We live in the age of the Internet of Things. The amount of data being sent and received makes us all vulnerable. It’s unrealistic to expect that you can prevent every threat. To keep your business strong, you need to understand what’s happening on your critical networks, so you can take action.

AS DNS grows, so do the challenges of keeping your data safe. turing is an interactive DNS analytics and security tool. It gives you insight into your DNS traffic, letting you hone in on a single suspect packet. With turing, you can:


Nominet knows from experience the impact DNS can have on businesses. The sheer volume of DNS data can make real-time analysis almost impossible. Using the power of turing – a tool developed to monitor the UK registry – Nominet experts can understand billions of data packets in seconds, making it easier to spot trends and suspicious events. We can:

  • Capture and analyze DNS traffic, down to individual packets
  • Spot trends and suspicious events faster and easier than ever
  • Expose cyber criminals and take informed action

Our team of experts can help you to analyze and head-off all major risks to your system – and your reputation. Using turing its purpose-built storage and retrieval system, the team can quickly and easily manipulate vast quantities of data. Making sure you are made aware of any issues impacting on your network.