Turning your DNS data into actionable cyber intelligence

Security threats no longer just happen to someone else. The amount of data being sent and received leaves us all vulnerable.
Keeping your business strong comes down to the early detection of threats and vulnerabilities,
understanding significant data events on your network, and the agility to take action.

DNS for cyber

Imagine life without DNS. We couldn’t send email, surf the web or share important data. It’s the glue that holds the internet together.

53% of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks result in some sort of security breach or compromise at the organization targeted. This is just one of many methods used for DNS attacks, and the evolving nature of threats means that traditional DNS monitoring approaches no longer meet requirements. Organizations need fast detection, forensic detail and actionable intelligence on how to counter threats.

Nominet is a world leader in DNS. Utilise our experience and expertise to understand what’s happening on your network.

We offer a range of DNS cyber security services helping you to understand what’s happening on your network, this can range from one off incident reporting with board-ready collateral helping you to determine what happened during an attack, right through to live monitoring where our team of experts will proactively alert you to, and help solve any issues on your network. Our experts are armed with our DNS analytics tool turing, which analyses huge volumes of data and identifies the signatures of cyber events – after all, they all need DNS to work.