Turing: The only DNS data decoder you will ever need

Hiding in vast quantities of DNS data are the signatures of events critical to your business and customers—but to get to them you need the ultimate number cruncher.

Nominet DNS cyber security services use turing: our leading edge DNS analytics and monitoring platform. turing analyzes huge volumes of DNS data so our DNS Cyber Security Analysts can provide you with essential insights and actionable intelligence on your network performance – identifying potential threats to your organization.

turing uses a bespoke architecture with a purpose built storage and retrieval system. This allows organizations to easily visualize and manipulate vast quantities of data. Accessible via any browser on any device, the intuitive interface gives you access to your vital DNS data and via a rich API you can integrate the feed into your existing SIEM solutions and management reporting systems.

Deploying turing can reduce your internal costs by identifying the source of your DNS traffic and allowing you to manage it in the most cost-efficient way, as well as providing new insights into what’s happening across your business critical networks.

turing identifies the following threats: