DNS Cyber Security Services

We offer a range of DNS cyber security services helping you to understand what’s happening on your network, this can range from one off incident reporting with board-ready collateral helping you to determine what happened during an attack, right through to live monitoring where our team of experts will proactively alert you to, and help solve any issues on your network. Our experts are armed with our DNS analytics tool turing, which analyses huge volumes of data and identifies the signatures of cyber events – after all, they all need DNS to work.

Investigative Analysis

Post-incident threat review

Companies that fall victim to cyber attacks have very little time to understand precisely what happened and the likely impact to their business. They need immediate assistance with situational assessment, root cause analysis and rapid development of a risk mitigation plan to ensure counter measures are taken to protect themselves and their customers from future attacks.

After a cyber event, we can assist your technical teams to understand what happened by tracking the origins of the attack, performing root cause analysis and producing a detailed incident report with recommendations.

What we will do

turing enables us to see what happened prior to and during the attack. We work quickly with your teams to capture, analyse, isolate, visualise and interpret relevant traffic patterns associated with the incident. We can then characterize the attack details, assess the business impact and make immediate recommendations for measures to avoid a repeat.

How we work

Through deployment of the turing software on your network or ingestion of a provided data file, our cyber experts will analyse event-related traffic patterns to understand the nature of the attacks. Then, using turing’s machine learning and data correlation features, our expert teams will identify and alert on anomalous behaviour and assess the business impact. We will look at threats not just based on external anomalous behaviour, but also internal behaviour.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identify security blind spots

Cyber attacks are rising month over month, year over year. Gartner is predicting that global cyber security spending will grow 7.9% to reach $101.6bn by 2020, as organisations continue to be actively targeted and attacked. It is possible however, to identify and react to these attacks before they impact your business operations.

Our cyber experts can analyse your DNS network configurations and traffic patterns to identify points of susceptibility to internal and external threats, before these become vulnerable to attacks.

What we will do

We will provide you with a tailored set of recommendations to improve your infrastructure and to spot malicious types of behaviour, before they impact your business.

These include:

  • Internet traffic intelligence reports and health check
  • Traffic spikes, security event analysis and unusual volume alerts
  • Identification of infected IPs and compromised domains
  • Indicators of likely cyber attacks, such as:
    • Malware
    • DDoS
    • Phishing
    • Data exfiltration and DNS tunnelling

How we work

Our DNS cyber experts work with your teams to learn and understand your existing architecture to assess ingress/egress points for potential DNS exploitation. Using turing, we investigate your internet traffic patterns to interpret areas of susceptibility, as well as a deep analysis of infrastructure vulnerabilities and their potential business impact.

Risk Mitigation

Live threat monitoring and alerting

Cyber security is ranked as one of the major challenges facing CIOs today. Attacks are inevitable and it’s simply a matter of when they will occur, not if they will happen. It’s vital to be capable of identifying cyber attacks before they impact your business.

At Nominet, we take a proactive stance against cyber threats. turing uses machine learning-based predictive analytics to provide expert recommendations to avoid or mitigate the damage associated with cyber attacks. Organizations need to understand their DNS traffic to safeguard themselves against malicious activity to protect their business, customers’ data and hence their own reputation. Large businesses can have billions of DNS queries per day, therefore deciphering legitimate traffic from malicious or suspicious data requires expert analysis and leading edge analytics. Using turing our DNS cyber security analysts are able to interpret and understand huge volumes of data providing you with the assurance that your network and your business are protected.

What we will do

We will be an extension of your team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will provide an expert managed service, comprising of turing, our leading edge DNS-based cyber intelligence and analytics platform as well as a dedicated team of experienced cyber security analysts. This service ensures that your network is monitored constantly and you will be alerted immediately of any suspicious and potentially anomalous activity – before it impacts your business.

Our services include:

  • Ongoing, real-time proactive monitoring and detection
  • Alerting of live issues
    • Malware
    • DDoS
    • Phishing
    • Botnet
    • Typo squatters
    • Data exfiltration
    • DNS tunnelling
  • Data capture and analysis
  • Business impact analysis
  • Insight-led recommendations

How we work

We install collectors on your network and aggregate your DNS traffic using turing. We monitor where your traffic originates and identify any unusual or potentially malicious behavioural patterns. Our cyber analysts constantly review the data and keep you informed, so that you are armed with relevant and timely information to protect your organisation.

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