Grow your business with Nominet

The turing partnership programme gives you a platform to open new business opportunities and grow existing clients. Our success is intrinsically linked with that of our partners and therefore offer you all the help, advice and support you need to ensure turing DNS monitoring and analysis is a valuable addition to your existing portfolio.

By joining the turing partner programme, you will be able to offer a rounded solution to your customers with in-depth forensic analysis into the behaviour on their network. This will enable you to have insight-led dialogues, offering informed recommendations which could prevent your customer from a cyber attack and the associated business and reputational damage. The data provided by turing is so rich, it will help to reinforce your position with your customers, making you an integral and indispensable extension of their team and overall business.


  • Increased revenues from your existing client base
  • Identification of new business opportunities
  • Competitive pricing models
  • Holistic cyber security solution
  • Access to Nominet’s wider marketing support
  • Direct contact with turing product development team

Partnership in practice:

“As a market leader in high performance, secure DNS solutions for ISPs, Akamai has partnered with Nominet on several occasions, most notably in the areas of data exfiltration and billing obfuscation. Nominet’s turing solution offers a unique ability to identify DNS security threats, the capacity to analyse trillions of DNS transactions over significant lengths of time and extensive flexibility, which are needed to fully protect operator networks. Because Nominet are experts at deriving threat intelligence from DNS data, our partnership with them enables us to drive additional benefit for operators that leverage our DNS solutions” – Frank Bergen, Vice President of Business Development, Akamai Technologies

If you think you can add even more value to our groundbreaking solutions, we’d like to hear from you.

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