Your turing service options

Irrespective of your DNS expertise we have the right solution to help you.

Choose from:

Investigative Analysis

After a cyber event, we can assist your technical teams to understand what happened by tracing the origins of the attack, performing a root cause analysis, and producing a detailed incident report with recommendations.

Vulnerability Assessments

To address concerns about your business’ exposure to cyber attacks, our DNS and security teams can analyze your DNS network configurations and traffic patterns to identify points of susceptibility to internal and external threats.

Risk Mitigation

Armed with our DNS monitoring, analysis and visualization tool, turing, we use machine learning-based predictive analytics to provide expert recommendations to avoid or mitigate the damage associated with cyber attacks.

Protection Strategies

Securing your network is an ongoing effort that requires innovative approaches to combat new and evolving cyber threats. We can work with your teams to develop, implement and continuously improve defensive strategies.


Nominet works with your teams to build custom solutions designed to address use cases particular to your business. We are flexible to meet your needs by deploying solutions on-premise or using cloud-based technologies and services.